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A-V Services Care+ Optional Extended Service and Maintenance

- Every new A-V Services system includes a 1-year warranty. A discounted investment in A-V Services Care+ when purchasing your system provides two additional years of maintenance and assistance ideal for keeping your equipment performing reliably. All maintenance and service are done by A-V Services trained technicians.

What is Care +

Introduction to the A-V Services Service Department and contact information

  • Department location: 99 Fairfield Rd, Fairfield NJ 07004

  • 973-575-5222


  • link to Portal: Available Upon Request

Our online dedicated portal will allow you to access your own portal to make a service request. Our client portal is verified through an email verification system. Please notify the service department at to update your user profile.

Trustworthy Support

A-V Services will be responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting any of the following systems

  • Wireless and Wired Control Systems

  • Video Projectors

  • Audio/Video Conferencing Systems, Speaker Systems

  • Microphones/Audio Mixing Systems

  • Televisions, Monitors and Displays

  • Audio/Video Routing Switchers

  • Video Walls and Video Matrix

  • Control Systems

  • AV Fiber Equipment and Terminations

  • Video Conference Camera

  • Video Walls

  • Signage

Preventative Maintenance

A complete preventative maintenance schedule shall be established in advance depending on the extent and complexity of the room/s and systems.

Preventative maintenance includes

  • Cleaning AV equipment and AV racks

  • Inspect and test all input plates

  • Check and record lamp hours of projectors

  • adjust all audio levels of input sources, incoming and outgoing calls

  • Check and update control and audio systems

  • Test and adjust all audio video systems, and devices

  • Repair and/or replace any visibly broken cables external to the system

  • Provide preventative maintenance service report


  • Any identified mechanical and board level repairs will be submitted to the manufacturer when necessary. Any broken unit will be repaired and reinstalled during our normal business hours, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday-Friday Eastern Standard Time, overtime and weekend work will require pre-authorization.

  • We will provide a repair quote for equipment that is not covered under its manufacturer's warranties. All repair services shall be invoiced upon the completion of each repair. Required parts will be invoiced at the industry standard rates.

Additional Services

Should the client require additional services not covered a request shall be made in writing to the client. A-V Services Inc. will submit a cost proposal for such services, and such service will be billed at the agreed rates

Services may include but are not limted to

  • System operation demonstrations

  • Providing technical standby support for meetings

  • Modifications to existing systems

  • Room and equipment training

  • Event setup and support

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