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IoT solution for smart monitoring and control of any equipment, at any location, and at any scale


Monitor and Intelligently Control Building & Infrastructure

For increased availability & to reduce operating costs for owners & operators

To improve health, comfort, and productivity in the workforce

Reduction of energy waste, travel, water and carbon

Saving Energy, Time, Effort, Water, Money, Carbon

By Using Intelligent Automated Smart Systems

Improve air-quality & comfort

Reduce energy, water waste

Improve operations

Reduce maintenance & repairs

Reduce replacement capital costs

Reduce wasted time due to failures

Reduce equipment down time



With today’s enterprises becoming more tech savvy, A-V Services is working to create new opportunities for innovative solutions.  Harmony is a cost-effective solution for organizations. As more devices are connected to a network’s infrastructure, Harmony incorporates a very robust and proactive service delivery method that includes remote support, active dashboards, and technology management.  Harmony also provides business continuity with disaster recovery capabilities.


Harmony by A-V Services™ is a unique approach to remote managed services that meets the evolving needs of our clients and provides the benefits of predictable support and management to guarantee expectations. Our proactive approach and responsiveness are the difference between having uninterrupted service and strategically using those systems to meet objectives.

Harmony is focused directly on customer experiences and it delivers more than a software platform. It is an established support structure that is platform and hardware agnostic to ensure client success that includes 24/7 service support which proactively monitors systems and generates activity reports and corrective actions. Clients achieve predictable outcomes with Harmony remote managed services. Harmony proactively monitors and manages helping to avoid disruptions with the technology in use so that there is no loss in productivity. A technology managed support agreement relationship enables organizations to ensure stability across their enterprise.

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