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A-V Services, Inc. Update on Safety, Support, and Training


As our personal and professional communities face the challenges of COVID-19 nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our employees, clients, vendors, partners, and their families. The impact created by this virus affects all of us. The long relationships with people that we consider our friends from working closely together for the nearly 60 years that we have been in business, inspires us to provide our assurance that A-V Services is committed to the health and safety of everyone.


The Federal Government labels our staff as “essential critical infrastructure workers” and as such we have taken diligent steps to ensure that our design, engineering, integration, and supply services are intact as we continue to serve our clients. Today in these times of need we remain prepared to serve your business and communications requirements. Providing support to our clients is at the core of our business and it is our top priority. Our ability to support you remains uninterrupted.


To protect the welfare of our staff we have asked them to work remotely. We prepared for this and today people on our team are answering calls, responding to emails, creating designs, engineering systems, processing orders, and assisting clients in resolving any issues you may have.


Our team remains committed to an environment that is high performing and we continually develop our expertise in the technology we represent. During any periods of business disruption our staff colleagues are improving their skills with online and interactive design and programming courses along with other available training.


We continue to proactively serve and our commitment to you is that we will keep you at the center of our decision making, ensure that your needs are met, and we invite you to contact us with all your requirements, questions, and concerns. We sincerely hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy through this challenging time.


Thank you for your confidence in us for your critical needs and for all of your support.


Sincerest and warmest personal regards,


Ralph Capria


A-V Services, Inc.

99 Fairfield Rd, Fairfield, NJ 07004


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